Stroke Networks

Brain Attack Coalition
The Brain Attack Coalition is a group of professional, voluntary and governmental entities dedicated to reducing the occurrence, disabilities and death associated with stroke. The goal of the Coalition is to strengthen and promote the relationships among its member organizations in order to help stroke patients or those who are at risk for a stroke.
Canadian Stroke Consortium
The Canadian Stroke Consortium (CSC) is an academic alliance of professionals committed to the pursuit of anti-stroke therapies by designing and/or conducting research projects and clinical trials.
Victorian Stroke Clinical Network
The Victorian Stroke Clinical Network (VSCN) was established in October 2007. The primary role of the Stroke Clinical Network is to support implementation of the Stroke Care Strategy for Victoria, which was released by the department in September 2007. The role of the VSCN is to take a ‘whole of Victoria’ approach to enhance implementation of the Strategy. This is through provision of expert advice to promote better planning for and delivery of high quality, evidence based clinically effective stroke care services across the care continuum.The VSCN provides a mechanism for clinicians to inform policy on stroke care and service delivery. The network membership is multidisciplinary comprising clinical, senior health service management, organisational and consumer representatives. The network meets on a regular basis and has established a number of task focussed sub-committees.
The Agency for Clinical Innovation
The Agency for Clinical Innovation has been established to promote clinician and consumer involvement in planning and health service delivery.Through the twenty clinical networks chaired by clinicians and involving doctors, nurses, allied health professionals, scientists, managers, and consumers we identify how and where improvements can be made in the particular specialty and implement these changes in association with NSW Health and the Area Health Services.These networks have annual recurrent funding with a full time or part time Network Manager. Some of the Networks are well established, having received funding from as early as 2002, and employ a number of staff to carry out the objectives of the Network.