Stroke & Heart Foundations

The National Stroke Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation that works with the public, government, health professionals, patients, carers and stroke survivors to reduce the impact of stroke on the Australian community. Our challenge is to save 110,000 Australians from death and disability due to stroke over 10 years.We will achieve this by: - Educating the public about the risk factors and signs of stroke and promoting healthy lifestyles.
- Working with all stakeholders to develop and implement policy on the prevention and management of stroke.
- Encouraging the development of comprehensive and coordinated services for all stroke survivors and their families.
- Encouraging and facilitating stroke research.
The Brain Foundation is an Australian registered charity which raises money to fund on-going, crucial research in Australia into brain diseases and all other known neurological disorders as well as brain and spinal injuries.
The Heart Foundation is an independent Australia-wide, non-profit health organisation, funded almost entirely by donations from Australians. The Heart Foundation's purpose is to improve the heart health of Australians and to reduce disability and death from heart, stroke and blood vessel disease.
The foundation's mission is to improve the health of Canadians by preventing and reducing disability and death from heart disease and stroke through research, health promotion and advocacy.
This network provides information, understanding, care, support and rehabilitation for people with a stroke, their families and caregivers. We aim to help stroke survivors regain the best quality of life. The Stroke Foundation promotes research into the causes of stroke, and improvements in stroke acute and rehabilitation services. We also work to improve stroke support in the community, as well as raising awareness of stroke symptoms and risks through stroke prevention information.
The National Heart Foundation of New Zealand is a not-for-profit, non-government organisation that funds research and promotes heart health in order to reduce the rates of cardiovascular disease in New Zealand. We encourage people to make positive lifestyle changes and develop environments which make healthy choices easy. Our message, based on 40 years of research, is simple and effective: * eat a heart healthy diet * enjoy regular physical activity * be smokefree