This page includes links to online training tools for stroke.
To access free on line training in the Stroke Core and Advancing Competencies go to 
On line advancing modules are available at
On line advancing module on thrombolysis. Clinicians who wish to familiarize themselves with thrombolysis can do so by accessing the Thrombolysis Advancing Module. There are lots of other modules, and several others in development, which may be of interest to other members of our stroke teams. This class is available at
On line Thrombolysis Masterclass. This Masterclass is aimed at senior clinical  staff who are involved in making the decision to treat stroke patients with thrombolysis. The module consists of a series of virtual patient scenarios which focus on the patient history, examination and imaging. The clinician is asked to decide what treatment options they would choose and have the opportunity to compare their treatment decisions with selected experts and other clinicians who have completed the cases. This masterclass is available at